"Each time  one of us has  a realization or  focused visualization,  we emit  frequency signals that
can be  sensed by others.  Sometimes called  "
The Wind",   that is how  the Group Mind  grows.  It
occurs without you  rationally
understanding  it or specifically  having a  picture or  realization of it,
because it happens
electromagnetically within the body.  You create  the rising of energy  according
to how much you are able to handle
" (Plaeidians)

Magic Valley, Idaho,1960:  HD goes into shock the morning after a severe knee injury. He turns grey
-white, stops breathing and  has no pulse. Our phone is out,  and I can't  reach a doctor,  ambulance
or hospital. As he lies on the bathroom floor, all efforts to revive him fail. I soak a washcloth with cold
water and begin  praying desperately  in a very loud voice, asking Spirit to  "
Please help us.  Please
tell me  what to do
."  (Later,  I wonder why I'd been  looking in the mirror  above the sink at a point a-
bove my head as I pleaded for help.)

As I apply the cold cloth to HD's head, his body begins to jerk violently. I fear he might hit some bath-
room fixture and further damage his knee. I truly believe he is experiencing  death throes. He has no
pulse,  and has stopped breathing!  All  I can  think of is to  lie on top of him. "
Face to  face,  heart to  
heart,  eyes to eyes,  and  hands to hands
", is the phrase  that pops into my head. I pray even har-
der and louder as I try to  will the seizures under control.  When he makes  strangled noises  deep in
his  throat,  I fear it is a "death rattle",  but he  resumes  breathing and slowly regains consciousness.

My logical left brain accepts only that he was simply unconscious, but I'd had a great deal of  home  
nursing in youth,  and always  wondered why I could  find no signs of life  in him at all before  I began
praying so earnestly. Years later, I learned how the prophet  
Elisha had used this method to revive a
widow's dead son (
II Kings: 4:23)

Taming the Wild Wind
 After an enjoyable winter in Arizona, we return to Idaho in late March, spending a night at tiny
Searchlight where the corners of  Arizona, Nevada and California meet. Hal, our adult son J. and
I eat a late supper at the casino and retire early in our 5th Wheel RV.

Later that night,  the wind comes up & gusts so hard I'm afraid it might tip over the RV. This has been
known to happen to people  in the Searchlight area at times.  I choose to try to calm the wind  by ent-
ering the Zone and visualizing it to be so.  I ask Spirit's permission, and it works__  for a few minutes,
but with Hal and J. sleeping, I hadn't asked them to participate in this experiment. I can calm the win-
ds and go to asleep, but after twenty or thirty minutes,  they rise up again as strong as before. I have
to repeat the technique several times that night.

Neither Hal nor J. formally meditate or consciously create from within,  so I don't know if waking them
for help would work. I assumed that everyone present needed to participate in controlling the wind or
weather by  entering The Zone state
;  but I have learned  through the experiments in  heating  and in
cooling homes that one person alone can do it,  provided they have  the verbal consent  of everyone
else involved. I should have asked Hal and J. if they would agree to having the winds calmed.  If they
had agreed, it might have worked longer. I was at least, able to sustain the wind for some time alone.

1-4-11: ML:  The family agrees to re-do the electric grid intention,  but to ask for more lasting results.
Is this OK__ and of the 3 Intentions, in which order need they be done, and the timing for them?.

Guides:  "The Colors of the Wind are the Rainbows of The Mind. These are what you think & feel  
while in your day-dreams, intuitions, intentions  and even in the beta state. You can 'tune' from one
'color'  (frequency) to another at will,  as you have been learning.  Continue to learn to  master your
thoughts and feelings  until it becomes  a Fine Art.  Seek the  
higher dimensions  and learn  how to
co-create with them__ Here,  the left hand enters in."... (ML:  In Palmistry__ palm reading__the right
hand shows one's outer life, & the left hand indicates one's inner life.)

"Wait until after  January 7th  to repeat  the electric  grid intention,  and have the children  help set
a date for the group
Intention of same. Meanwhile, inform each of Deep Breathing to charge up, and
how to evok
e  Unconditional Love  in their hearts. Explain also, the idea of 'not over-riding anyone's
free will'
. This is very important."

"Yes, you are having a combined cleansing after your
Personal Season Day  (1-2-11),  and a down-
load of energies,  plus solar energy from the sun. These energies are the 'SOMETHING BIG'.  prev-
ously mentioned.  They are about  Unity Consciousness  and the more  Feminine Nature  of life  on

"As for the  3 Intentions:  Please  P
urify  the  Waters of Earth  first,  then the  Electric Grid  Intention,
and then  begin learning to  
MANIFEST  PURE  FOOD &  WATER  for all.  The Timing is  up to you.
It depends upon how the  process moves along.  Use your  intuition  to know when to do each Inten-
tion... but complete the 3 before
3-8-11... Yes,  the GROUP SEASON DAY.  Keep your head in your
heart... actually, you already have the info you need to work with over the coming months.  Enjoy."

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX