1988:  Finding many inch-long army worms  in part of ou r Lost River Valleys lawn,  we decide to  
experiment with a method mentioned in
Tompkins and Bird's "Secrets of the Soil". This ancient
ritual from India, known as Agnihotra,  is best performed while the sun passes through the zodiac
sign of Taurus__  between
 April 21st and  May 21st, or at second best, within a month just prior
to, or after those dates.

Receiving a "go" from H.S.,  I first gather some of the worms and put them in a glass jar with an o-
pen mouth,  allowing their short lives to expire.  A few days later, some unprinted paper or dry lea-
ves are placed on an aluminum foil pie pa n with the now dead, dry & brittle worms on top.  At this
point I enter the Zone and call upon the various devas of the garden  and of the worms and plants
involved, stating my need and intent to free the yard  of these destructive pests.

I then set the paper & dried bodies on fire.  When cool enough to handle,  I crumble up everything
to make a "pepper", then stating my Intention aloud with Held Breath and Unconditional Love, ask
that the experiment  be in keeping with Spirit's purposes  and for the highest good of all involved. I
become as one  with the still living worms in the soil,  and sprinkle  this residue  upon  the infested
lawn. Detaching from the ritual,  visualizing a beneficial outcome , feeling the joy of it &  giving tha-
nks, I close the intention and pay no further attention for ten days.

Two weeks later, we transplant some flowers in that area of the yard & find only one or two worms.
Within a month,  all the pests are gone a nd don't return the following year.  This method works be-
cause of the "
Black Body Effect".

                                        THE BLACK BODY EFFECT
In what is  destroyed by fire,  the corresponding negative force  is set against the  reproductive po-
wers of that object/insect  which was burned. These negative forces then  radiate that certain port-
ion of the  EM spectrum from the insect,  into the soil, the atmosphere, or into whatever absorbs or
ingests the burned residue.  Fire is a
transmuting substance,  causing a change into another ener-
gy level within the
4th dimension. The "Black Body Effect" i nvolves infrared radiation. Every living
creature emits its own infrared vibration. This is the main radiation human bodies emit when charg-
ed up by the
incoming breath. Even a planet has its specific vibrations and tone.  Infrared radiation
is on the  lower end of the  
light portion of the EM spectrum  and can easily be converted to sound.
These are formative forces on which life is built and maintained.

The infrared radiations  increased their vibrations  after the worms' demise and the insect repelling
Agnihotra ceremony further intensified them via burning. Similar insects, coming near the  "pepper-
ed" soil, left the area after sensing the "death" vibrations.  A few "scavenger" type insects, however
are actually attracted to infrared vibrations. Microwave devices radiate infrared rays.